We offer a wide range of mobile lube equipment to better economically manage new and used oil at any job site. Our systems use a pump-free design to drain and dispense oil using vacuum technology, our added accessories can increase use efficiency and reduce contamination. For entry into small compartments.

Filter Stingers

Filter Stingers work as an attachment to use oil hoses to make the filter draining process as clean as possible.

Filter StingerFilter Stingers

Used Filter Receptacle

The Used Filter Receptacle (UFR) provides a secure holding tank for used filters. The UFR can connect to sued fluid tanks so users can easily vacuum oil, providing a secure and leakproof way to catch the remaining fluid that may drain from discarded filters. 

  • Wall-mounted UFRs.
  • Top Side Pack Mounted UFRs.
  • Inside Pack Cabinet Mounted UFRs.
  • Top Open UFRs.
  • Front Door opening UFRs.
Used Filter ReceptacleUsed Filter Receptacle

Drain Pans

Drain Pans catch used oil between equipment oil changes. Users can vacuum any oil straight from the Drain Pans to reduce the risk of spillages.

Drain PansDrain Pans

Dipstick Tube Kit

The Dipstick Tube Kit can be used with all equipment to vacuum oil from the top of the vehicle. Insert the tube down the dipstick holder of the engine and vacuum the oil directly from the engine.

Dipstick Tube KitDipstick Tube Kit

Barrel Straw

The Barrel Straw is used to vacuum fluids into a tank and eliminates the need for transfer pumps during bulk oil storage. Attach the barrel straw to the fresh fluid tank and insert the opposite end in a bulk tank to vacuum fresh fluids into the fresh fluid tank at rates of 10-20 litres per minute.

Barrel StrawBarrel Straw

Grease Kits

Kit Includes:

  • Pump
  • Follower Plate
  • Grease hose reel
  • Grease Handle
  • All Necessary Attachments
Grease KitsGrease Kits


The Meter allows users to see how much oil has been placed into the equipment tank.



Nextlube allows operators to integrate data while incorporating automation and fluid control.

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Controls.
  • Real-time Fluid Levels.
  • Allows operators to label tanks for a better fluid organisation.
  • Displays litres of fresh fluids available.
  • Central, easy-to-use control panel.
  • future app capabilities.

Heated Fluid Tanks

Heated Fluid Tanks are ideal in the colder weather as it allows operators to maintain the oil at the proper temperature during any oil exchange.

Heated Fluid TanksHeated Fluid Tanks

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