The right connections make a difference. We exclusively use FEMCO drain plugs and accessories with our mobile lube systems. FEMCO products allow you to perform hot oil changed in less than half the time compared to the traditional "drop the plug" process.

Outfit your equipment fleet with quick disconnect fitting allowing you to vacuum used oil directly from the engine crankcase into the used oil tank in a 100% enclosed process. Reduce maintenance times and less chance of costly spills allow for a very quick return on investment.

Compact Drain Plug
Click Drain Plug
Standard Drain Plug
Drain Plug Accessories
FEMCO No-spill Systems


Download our FEMCO brochure to learn:

  • How the system works.
  • What series is correct for you.
  • If you can drain hot oil.
  • Installation of FEMCO no-spill drain plugs.

Download FEMCO Brochure

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